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Smart card computer system controls gates and turnstiles

General electionAngry scenes took place in some constituencies at the spring general election when polling stations were unable to cope with the number of electors, some of whom were turned away. This was despite polls being open from 7am until 10pm. Jenny Watson, chair of the independent watchdog, the Electoral Commission, said that the returning officers "did not properly plan for, or react to, polling day problems. That is unacceptable.

Posts will stop illegal parking at your premises

car parking CardiffSome local councils have taken on responsibility for parking fines. Traffic wardens have been replaced by civil parking enforcement teams (CEOs) on the beat for more hours than usual, from 7am-10pm seven days a week in Cardiff, Wales. The new teams will be mobile so any trouble spots can be prioritised. Cardiff council took over the enforcement from South Wales Police as part of a wider transport strategy.

Bollards deter people driving away without paying for fuel

petrol station static bollardsA common crime is for a motorist to drive off without paying for petrol. Recently a man has been given a four-month prison sentence, suspended for a year, by magistrates at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court for this offence after he pleaded guilty to making off without payment for £40 worth of fuel and driving while disqualified.

Barriers increase security and monitor vehicle numbers

barriers secure Police cutsOn the first occasion a senior officer or minister has suggested that traditional front line policing will not escape the huge axe in public services, one of the country’s top policemen has warned that bobbies on the beat could fall under cuts. Hugh Orde, the President of the Association of Chief Police Officers, made the stark statement in private notes inadvertently sent to The Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Integrated barrier network restricts unwelcome visitors to premises

World CupCarpark Barriers and Turnstiles offer an integrated barrier security network to reduce the threat of unwelcome visitors on your premises. It would help prevent bizarre incidents like a fan somehow gaining access to the England dressing room after a World Cup game in South Africa. The fan was asking the way to a toilet after the Algeria match and said he was given wrong directions at the Green Point stadium.

All our turnstiles come complete with a two year warranty

full height turnstiles DisneyThe Walt Disney Company, which is the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the world, operates more than ten theme and leisure parks around the globe. Their parks are huge enclosed sites and need highly secure entrance turnstiles. Carpark Barriers and Turnstiles, part of the Tensor group, supply full height, half height and glass turnstiles complete with a two year warranty.

Automatic barriers enable you to allow or deny access

block identity fraudstersFirms are being warned to watch against increasing incidents of company identity fraud. One scam sees clever fraudsters stealing the identity of a legitimate business and using their credit records to obtain goods before disappearing. The thieves can order goods from current or new suppliers to be sent to the new bogus address. Both genuine parties will be unaware of the situation until the supplier chases the legitimate business for payment.

Our high security barriers are crash rated to foil thefts

raid on haulageNorth West police are chasing a gang of three HGV raiders who are on the run after they smashed their way through haulage yard gates, driving £150,000 worth of stolen trucks. Bill Foulkes, operations manager at R J Jones haulage firm, described how the gang smashed their way out of the depot, through steel gates, and headed towards Heswall in the Wirral area. He said: "They must have been quite surprised to find the police on to them so fast.

Turnstiles perfect for high volume premises like Bexleyheath School

Turnstiles installed at Bexleyheath SchoolTurnstiles, made by Tensor, have been installed at Bexleyheath School in Kent, which is a co-educational comprehensive school open to students of all abilities between 11-19 years of age. The school became a Foundation School in September 2009 in partnership with Academies Enterprise Trust and Beths Grammar School. Approximately 2150 students attend the school with over 200 teaching, support and administrative staff.