The automatic bollards from Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles are highly resistant to impact and atmospheric elements, and are housed inside compartments set into the road surface. They combine superior strength and aesthetic elegance, blending seamlessly with the surroundings while in the same time still offering the required level of protection.

Furthermore, the system can directly interface the Fire Roll Call feature available in specific access control systems, which can be set to over-ride any setting of the bollards. So, if an alarm is activated, the bollards will retract to enable immediate vehicular access for fast and orderly evacuation of personnel or access of emergency vehicles.

Tried and tested in a range of environments, automatic bollards are a trusted way to control access to private roads, residential developments, restricted parking facilities and emergency routes.

Automatic Bollards – Key Features:

  • Exceptional resistance to impacts;
  • Anti-intrusion locking system;
  • Failsafe in both retracted and extended position.