5 Benefits of Full Height Turnstiles

5-benefits-of-full-height-turnstiles 5 Benefits of Full Height Turnstiles

Full height turnstiles are the ultimate access control solution. They are perfect for dealing with high volumes of traffic at busy locations such as football stadiums, concert arenas and many more.

This article explains five benefits of full height turnstiles that demonstrate exactly why they are the perfect access control solution.

Full height turnstiles prevent tailgating 

Tailgating is essentially closely following the person in front of you through a gate or a turnstile to save yourself having to pay for a ticket. Full height turnstiles prevent this from happening – in fact, it is near impossible to tailgate through a full height turnstile. Once a ticket (or whatever kind of access control system you have in place) is scanned, full height turnstiles only allow enough space for one person through before it is closed off for the next person. This ensures maximum profit for your event and an accurate headcount. 

More secure than half height turnstiles 

This point is so obvious but is often overlooked when choosing between full or half height turnstiles. Full height turnstiles prevent people from being able to jump over or climb underneath. They are the ultimate access control solution.

Full height turnstiles are a visual deterrent 

Turnstiles are deterrents in themselves. However, when they stand at 8ft tall they can be intimidating to many people. This means, more often than not, anyone who is thinking of trespassing or tailgating is likely to be put off by the sheer size and security of a full height turnstile.

These turnstiles can be integrated 

Full height turnstiles are highly versatile and can be integrated with all types of electronic access control systems. When used in conjunction with secure and reliable access control systems, these high quality entrance control products can provide a level of security to meet even the most exacting requirements.

Full height turnstiles can work unguarded 

One of the best features of a full height turnstile (and half height turnstile for that matter) is that they do not need to be manned by a member of staff at any time. They are reliable and can be left to do what they do best – control access and egress. This is also a fantastic opportunity to save money due to less members of staff being required to be on shift to man the entrances and exits of your site.

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