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Fencing Tips and Guides

Fences serve a variety of purposes and can be made from a wealth of different materials. In addition to providing increased security, metal fencing can also be used, to some degree, as a wind barrier.

Metal fencing can make an elegant statement and will last a lifetime if you halt the progress of rust, which usually starts where the posts contact concrete or wherever paint has chipped.

Physical Security Implementation

The heightened security threats that we face today – especially given the high levels of international terrorism – affect huge parts of our lives.

In recent years, public buildings, hotels, embassies and transport links have all been targeted by terrorists. Huge parts of our critical national infrastructures, including power, water and food supply, transport links and facilities, government premises and commercial facilities remain vulnerable, not just to terrorist attacks, but also to theft, sabotage and environmental disaster.

Parking Posts Prove A Hit

Whether you’re setting off on a motoring holiday or jetting off and leaving your vehicle at home, you will want to do all you can to make sure your holiday is not ruined by car thieves.

Statistics have shown that 30 per cent of cars stolen in 2005, were stolen in the summer months of June, July and August.

Pickings are high for would-be car thieves as vehicles can be left for weeks on end without anybody checking up on them, or parked for long periods in remote and unfamiliar areas – in the countryside or at the beach.

Turnstiles Encourage Slimmer

A man who had become so fat that he couldn’t fit through the turnstiles at his local football club has won the Slimmer of the Year award from Slimming World.

Two years ago, Steve Hancock, 48, from Bristol, weighed 31 stone and could not walk more than a few paces without stopping for a rest. Due to his sheer size, Mr Hancock was forced to use the disabled access at football grounds as he simply couldn’t fit through the turnstiles.

Bid To Enforce Pedestrianisation

Across the UK, there are many towns and cities which have implemented restriction or pedestrian zones. These zones are designed to prevent vehicle access to all except authorised and emergency traffic.

The rising or automatic bollard has been the most popular option in providing restricted access to certain areas. Operated by external operators or passes installed in authorised vehicles, the automatic bollards can be raised and lowered typically within 2-3 seconds.

Carpark Barrier Installed To Beat Boy Racers

With the upcoming release of a new fast and furious movie, it seems that the culture of "boy racers" has never seen so much attention.

However, more often than not, these youngsters cause a nuisance to local businesses and residents who live near the carparks that are used as race tracks and showrooms.

Loud stereos, revving engines and spinning tyres are just some of the anti-social activities that occur at these gatherings, not to mention the high speed, often reckless driving of inexperienced drivers in overpowered cars.

MI5 Release Security Guidelines

The role of the National Security Advice Centre (NSAC) is to protect the UK from threats to national security, by delivering authoritative security advice.

NSAC have just released a set of guidelines, which provide a general reference point for businesses or organisations putting new security measures in place.

Many of them will help protect you against crime as well as terrorism and other security threats. More detailed advice on specific threats and counter-measures is available on the Security Services website.

UK Companies Turning To Physical Security

According to the results of a recent survey of IT Directors, the ‘Smart Office’ is becoming a reality. The survey has found that out of 100 major companies, 64 percent have already adopted or plan to adopt physical security over IP networks in 2006.

Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles Online

A unique and modern interface is launched to showcase our range of physical security products. The website is packed with information and advice on physical security issues, along with a complete security product range.