UK Companies Turning To Physical Security

According to the results of a recent survey of IT Directors, the ‘Smart Office’ is becoming a reality. The survey has found that out of 100 major companies, 64 percent have already adopted or plan to adopt physical security over IP networks in 2006.

This will enable companies to monitor and control systems and buildings using card readers, biometrics and other access systems such as automatic barriers and turnstiles, all from a web interface.

The financial sector has taken the lead in implementing this technology with 31 percent having invoked it already and a further 38 percent planning to do so during the coming year, which will take the total to 69 percent.

Manufacturing has been sluggish in taking up this technology with just 9 percent so far, but the signs are very positive for the future, with 43 percent planning to implement physical security over the next twelve months.

There are many advantages to controlling physical security over IP, including cost reduction resulting from being able to use one network for all the security systems and devices.

Carpark Barriers Turnstiles install and maintain IP-based carpark barriers and turnstiles that can be operated across your IP network.

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