Bid To Enforce Pedestrianisation

Across the UK, there are many towns and cities which have implemented restriction or pedestrian zones. These zones are designed to prevent vehicle access to all except authorised and emergency traffic.

The rising or automatic bollard has been the most popular option in providing restricted access to certain areas. Operated by external operators or passes installed in authorised vehicles, the automatic bollards can be raised and lowered typically within 2-3 seconds.

As is often the case where the restriction only applies to certain hours of the day, the automatic bollards can be configured to react to changes in time thus once installed, they require little or no interference from external operators.

In cases where physical security has not been implemented, such as Nuneaton, drivers have repeatedly ignored the restrictions to the pedestrianised area. Now however, the council have decided to install automatic bollards to prevent motorists from flouting the rules.

Although popular amongst town and city councils, automatic bollards have also become a hit with organisations who wish to restrict access to their own property.

Carpark Barriers Turnstiles install and maintain automatic bollards, all of which have a proven record in restricting vehicle access to both public and private property.

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