Turnstiles Encourage Slimmer

A man who had become so fat that he couldn’t fit through the turnstiles at his local football club has won the Slimmer of the Year award from Slimming World.

Two years ago, Steve Hancock, 48, from Bristol, weighed 31 stone and could not walk more than a few paces without stopping for a rest. Due to his sheer size, Mr Hancock was forced to use the disabled access at football grounds as he simply couldn’t fit through the turnstiles.

Not only installed in football grounds, full height turnstiles can be found in numerous roles where absolute entrance or exit security is required.

Full height turnstiles are particularly popular at sports grounds due to their ability to cope with a high throughput of visitors. Built to standard sizes, all turnstiles supplied by Carpark Barriers Turnstiles conform to ISO regulations and allow any reasonably-sized person to pass through.

Needless to say, Mr Hancock is now enjoying his more slimmer self, and relishes even more, in the visits to his local football ground, where he can pass through the turnstiles like everybody else.

Carpark Barriers Turnstiles install and maintain turnstiles, suitable for use within recreation facilities such as football grounds, health clubs, and athletics stadiums.

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