Carpark Barrier Installed To Beat Boy Racers

With the upcoming release of a new fast and furious movie, it seems that the culture of "boy racers" has never seen so much attention.

However, more often than not, these youngsters cause a nuisance to local businesses and residents who live near the carparks that are used as race tracks and showrooms.

Loud stereos, revving engines and spinning tyres are just some of the anti-social activities that occur at these gatherings, not to mention the high speed, often reckless driving of inexperienced drivers in overpowered cars.

Now however, the locals are fighting back. Carpark barriers are being installed across the country to prevent access to carparks at night.

Automatic barriers installed on both public and private premises have forced the local youths to find somewhere else to practice their sport. In some cases, even the installation of a single, strategically placed automatic bollard has been enough to encourage the local youths to find another place to play.

The police have given their backing to the new initiative stating that it is "great news for the local communities" in which these measures are being introduced.

Carpark Barriers Turnstiles install and maintain carpark barriers, all of which have a proven record in restricting access to both public and private property.

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