Barriers increase security and monitor vehicle numbers

barriers-photo-200x175 Barriers increase security and monitor vehicle numbersOn the first occasion a senior officer or minister has suggested that traditional front line policing will not escape the huge axe in public services, one of the country’s top policemen has warned that bobbies on the beat could fall under cuts. Hugh Orde, the President of the Association of Chief Police Officers, made the stark statement in private notes inadvertently sent to The Daily Telegraph newspaper. He suggested that departmental cuts of 25% signalled in last week’s emergency budget would mean significantly fewer police on the streets despite the popularity of officers on foot among politicians and the public.

With this mind, it is time to ensure your site security is up to scratch through Car Park Barriers and Turnstiles, whose products are ideal for controlling your site’s car park and road entry points. Not only an efficient and effective way of increasing security at your premises, car park barriers can also double up as a way of monitoring the number of vehicles passing through the control point. Suitable for both large and small premises, car park barriers are able to immediately recognise authorised personnel.