Smart card computer system controls gates and turnstiles

election-W200 Smart card computer system controls gates and turnstilesAngry scenes took place in some constituencies at the spring general election when polling stations were unable to cope with the number of electors, some of whom were turned away. This was despite polls being open from 7am until 10pm. Jenny Watson, chair of the independent watchdog, the Electoral Commission, said that the returning officers "did not properly plan for, or react to, polling day problems. That is unacceptable. People in these areas were badly let down." Some of the returning officers blamed unprecedented turnout for the problems. In fact, turnout overall was the third-lowest since 1945.

Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles’ parent company installs a variety of smart card based computer systems that monitor as well as quickly and securely managing flow of personnel, whether members of the public, employees or customers. The technology is highly adaptable and modular, so it is suitable for public buildings, stadiums or offices. It controls all manner of electronic barrier devices, including entrance gates, automatic bollards or parking posts, and turnstiles. This can be done from your main office or at the first point of entry – for example a car park kiosk.