Bollards deter people driving away without paying for fuel

static-bollards Bollards deter people driving away without paying for fuelA common crime is for a motorist to drive off without paying for petrol. Recently a man has been given a four-month prison sentence, suspended for a year, by magistrates at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court for this offence after he pleaded guilty to making off without payment for £40 worth of fuel and driving while disqualified. Petrol stations are difficult to secure because they are very open environments, often in remote edge-of-town or out-of-town locations.

Carpark Barrier and Turnstiles offer a variety of barriers and bollards as well as other Access Control methods. Static bollards provide a genuine deterrent and are ideal for applications where a permanent pattern of control is required. With a range of styles and designs, your static bollard will seamlessly blend into your architecture and surroundings. Suitable in either a ground or surface mount, cast iron static bollards are highly flexible in most situations and are ideal for segregating certain areas of your site.

Also available are automatic bollards, which give the option of raising or lowering as required – an effective deterrent as these could bar the exit for anyone considering driving away without paying for fuel.