All our turnstiles come complete with a two year warranty

full-height-turnstiles All our turnstiles come complete with a two year warrantyThe Walt Disney Company, which is the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the world, operates more than ten theme and leisure parks around the globe. Their parks are huge enclosed sites and need highly secure entrance turnstiles. Carpark Barriers and Turnstiles, part of the Tensor group, supply full height, half height and glass turnstiles complete with a two year warranty.

Full height turnstiles are recommended for use when absolute entrance or exit security is required, especially in unguarded locations. Used either as stand-alone units or as part of an integrated system, our tamper-resistant and weatherproof full height turnstiles can be engineered to meet all your security and control requirements. They also provide a more comprehensive visual deterrent compared to that of half height turnstiles, which are a customer-friendly alternative to the full height ones, and provide an unobtrusive method of controlling flow to certain areas of your premises.

Glass turnstiles are the most elegant option and will give you all the benefits of an access control system yet fit seamlessly into any environment. These are available in half height or full height models to suit your needs.