Turnstiles perfect for high volume premises like Bexleyheath School

bexleyheath-school Turnstiles perfect for high volume premises like Bexleyheath SchoolTurnstiles, made by Tensor, have been installed at Bexleyheath School in Kent, which is a co-educational comprehensive school open to students of all abilities between 11-19 years of age. The school became a Foundation School in September 2009 in partnership with Academies Enterprise Trust and Beths Grammar School. Approximately 2150 students attend the school with over 200 teaching, support and administrative staff.

The flexibility of turnstiles is that they can be equipped to be used as a security device, controlling the admission of visitors to your premises. Furthermore, they are perfect for high volumes of traffic, as the Tensor turnstiles provide maximum flow capacity, while causing minimal disruption. This is very important for when Bexleyheath School’s large numbers of pupils enter buildings such as libraries.

Turnstiles are ideal for both high and low risk premises, and a wide range of products means there will be a turnstile suitable for you. Time and Attendance (UK) have half height, full height and glass turnstiles. The latter will give you all the benefits of an access control system yet fit seamlessly and elegantly into any environment where appearance is equal to functionality. This method of access is more aesthetically pleasing than gates or barriers.

Using our smart card technology the turnstiles are swiftly operated as the smart card does not have to be removed from a school bag or purse to be used. Just hold the bag or purse in front of the scanner and almost instantly to turnstile clicks round.

All Time and Attendance (UK) turnstiles are supplied complete with a two year warranty and can cope with severe operating conditions – ideal for hundreds of rampaging pupils!