Automatic barriers enable you to allow or deny access

barriers Automatic barriers enable you to allow or deny accessFirms are being warned to watch against increasing incidents of company identity fraud. One scam sees clever fraudsters stealing the identity of a legitimate business and using their credit records to obtain goods before disappearing. The thieves can order goods from current or new suppliers to be sent to the new bogus address. Both genuine parties will be unaware of the situation until the supplier chases the legitimate business for payment. But, by then, the gang are long gone with the goods.

Unscrupulous parties will try anything to fake ID and gain access to your premises, but you can cut unauthorised vehicles off at the first point of contact with Carpark Barriers and Turnstiles’ range of Visitor Monitoring technology. Part of the Tensor group, we have developed sophisticated software that enables you to register visitors as soon as they enter your site. Automatic barriers can be installed at the entrance to your site and enable you to allow or deny access to any person visiting you.

Barriers can be controlled remotely, from your reception area, or locally, from a guard post next to the barrier. Smart cards can automatically open the gate when an authorised member of staff needs to enter.