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5 Benefits of Full Height Turnstiles

5 benefits of full height turnstiles

Full height turnstiles are the ultimate access control solution. They are perfect for dealing with high volumes of traffic at busy locations such as football stadiums, concert arenas and many more. This article explains five benefits of full height turnstiles that demonstrate exactly why they are the perfect access control solution. Full height turnstiles prevent… Read more »

Foundations in place for £11m hotel

The structural foundations are now in place for a new £11m hotel in Torquay. The 120-bedroom Premier Inn hotel is being built on part of Terrace Car Park and is expected to complement the existing hotel accommodation in the town. Localised excavation has been undertaken and concrete foundations have been built to enable works above… Read more »

Broadmarsh car park and bus station due to open in Autumn 2021


Nottingham City Council has announced that the development of a brand new bus station and car park is soon to be completed. According to reports from Nottinghamshire Live Once finished, the council will provide the modern car park and bus station, as well as new retail outlets and the location for a proposed Central Library…. Read more »

Plans approved for new 8ft high automated gate at Shipley business site

Automatic Electric Gates

A local authority has approved a planning application for an 8ft high automated gate and fence around a crime-ridden business site in Shipley, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest. Bradford Council has given plans the green light after businesses based at the Shipley site complained that the area… Read more »

New rising bollards to increase pedestrian safety in Wolverhampton

Automatic Bollards

A local authority hopes that newly installed rising bollards will enhance safety and security for pedestrians, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest. Wolverhampton Council last year carried out a six-week consultation into plans to increase safety by controlling access to the pedestrianised zone using electronic rising bollards and… Read more »

New Turnstiles and Revolving Doors Deployed at Glasgow Office Building

Glass Turnstiles

One of the most recent commercial buildings to be inaugurated in Glasgow, Bothwell Exchange, has been equipped with optical turnstiles in the lobby and automatic revolving doors at the main entrance to control access without impacting the building’s high traffic needs, a recent news report has been able to suggest. Bothwell Exchange is a 9-story,… Read more »