Plans approved for new 8ft high automated gate at Shipley business site

A local authority has approved a planning application for an 8ft high automated gate and fence around a crime-ridden business site in Shipley, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

Bradford Council has given plans the green light after businesses based at the Shipley site complained that the area has been plagued by crime and anti-social behaviour, with regular “drug dealing, drug taking and soliciting.”

The concerns were raised in a planning application to make the site – Hirst Wood Works – more secure.

The application, by John Brooksbank, was to install an 2.4 metre high automated entrance gate and fencing to the business site, off Hirst Wood Road, to control who is able to gain access.

It said the site – accessible to general traffic, was regularly used by people coming to the site for criminal or anti-social purposes.

A local police Inspector said the force were aware of anti-social incidents being reported at the site, and would support any efforts to make the site safer.

Approving the plans, officers said: “The gates and associated fencing would be similar to other security fencing around the works and will be acceptable in terms of its scale, height, materials and colour. There will be no significant adverse effects on visual amenity or the character of the area.”

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