New car park barriers to be permanently deployed at Peterborough anti-social behaviour hotspot

City councillors in Hargate and Hempsted have put forward plans for the deployment of permanent barriers at the entrance to the Vivacity Premier Fitness car park on Hadfield Road, Hampton, after temporary ones were deployed on site on multiple occasions last year, a recent news report in the local business media has been able to suggest.

Over the last year, residents have complained about loud car meets causing disruption and noise pollution. Police have put several dispersal orders in place for the area and have also pledged to crackdown on anti-social car cruises.

Last month, the site was also left in a mess after a large gathering took place in breach of lockdown rules.

Following this, Cllr John Howard revealed that a cross-party task force was looking at the aspects and impact of car cruises across the city but on a local level, councillors were pushing landowners to install barriers.

Temporary barriers have been put in place at several points during lockdown and ahead of bank holidays in the hope of preventing likely anti-social behaviour.

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