New Turnstiles and Revolving Doors Deployed at Glasgow Office Building

One of the most recent commercial buildings to be inaugurated in Glasgow, Bothwell Exchange, has been equipped with optical turnstiles in the lobby and automatic revolving doors at the main entrance to control access without impacting the building’s high traffic needs, a recent news report has been able to suggest.

Bothwell Exchange is a 9-story, 155,000 sq. ft. commercial building located at 122 Waterloo Street in Glasgow, Scotland’s International Financial Services District (IFSD). The location houses various international banking giants, as well as a gym, a kitchen, and other amenities for employees. Architectural firm Michael Laird Associates led the design of the project, bringing to life their vision of modern design with an open, “column-free” look and feel.

When the project was completed, Bothwell Exchange was named the first development in Scotland to achieve the Platinum Wiredscore Certification, demonstrating that the building goes above and beyond to meet its tenants’ connectivity needs. Bothwell Exchange was also awarded a BREEAM Excellent Rating, a performance standard which measures a building’s sustainable value in a series of categories, ranging from energy to ecology.

During the construction phase of building design, the architects communicated a need to incorporate security measures into the open lobby without impairing the flow of traffic in and out of the building. After a discussion around the estimated traffic needs of the building, the team decided to install a 4-lane array of optical turnstiles to control unauthorized entry while still allowing 20-30 people per lane to enter each minute. To handle multiple types of traffic, the turnstile array was comprised of three standard-width lanes and one ADA-width lane. The wide lane would accommodate both employee traffic and the occasional wheelchair or delivery.

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