Security and safety are top priorities to be considered when deploying turnstiles, gates or revolving doors

The security and safety of people working or visiting buildings should be the top priorities when deciding to deploy access controlled entry points such as turnstiles, gates or revolving doors, experts in the field have argued.

When choosing to install security entrances such as turnstiles or security revolving doors, it is important to give special consideration to safety. All automatic entrance types have barriers that move: they swing, rotate, slide or drop. When people pass through moving barriers, there is a chance of contact and potential injury.

Looking beyond safety, organizations must also properly balance the other key factors of security and throughput in order to provide the optimal functionality and experience for users. You want to find your “sweet spot” where you’ve addressed all three to the best degree possible.

When security is the highest priority, you will likely place a higher priority on protecting the secure area vs. avoiding accidental contact with barriers. Therefore, the more secure the entrance is, the more training is required to help personnel use the doors properly and safely. Training is always crucial, and especially in the case where a turnstile or door is configured to the highest security levels.

Additionally, the more secure the entrance is, the more likely it is that you will use highly encrypted card reader technology and/or biometric technology. This results in a fractionally greater lag between the card being presented and the door opening – another important reason for training personnel so that their expectations are in line with the way the entrance will function.

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