New optical technology reduces the risk of “sidegating”

The phenomenon of “sidegating” – when two people attempt unauthorized side-by-side entry through a turnstile – is becoming increasingly concerning in the security sector, as changing regulations and customer demands for increased pedestrian and wheelchair user comfort dictate the need for wider turnstiles.

However, a new optical technology developed by intelligent entrance controls company (and Car Park Barriers & Turnstiles supplier) Smarter Security has developed a new optical technology to prevent sidegating from happening. An intelligent infrared matrix powered by neural network algorithms senses who or what is going through the turnstile in real time and makes thousands of calculations per second to determine if entry should be authorized.

If a lane is wide enough to comfortably fit a wheelchair, it is also wide enough to fit two pedestrians side-by-side. Until now, turnstiles have been unable to detect this kind of behavior, which leads to increased risk for unauthorized access and security breaches.

However, the new system can distinguish between people and objects to minimize nuisance alarms, and process unsurpassed throughputs of up to one person per second.

The turnstiles are installed in thousands of iconic building lobbies, government buildings, corporate campuses and universities around the world.

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