Car park barriers to be deployed at Therfield Heath car parks to deter overnight parking

Car park barriers are set to be deployed at Therfield Heath car parks to deter overnight parking, after travellers set up camp on the site last week, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

The Conservators of Therfield Heath and Greens – who manage the site on behalf of the Therfield Regulation Trust – also highlighted the financial strain of increased usage of the 420-acre site, “mainly from the amount of rubbish that is left and constant abuse of bylaws.”

Conservator Colin Smith said: “With summer well under way, we have come under increased pressure from the increased usage, mainly from the amount of rubbish that is left and the constant abuse of the bylaws that – although clearly signposted – are chosen to be ignored by many users and has financial implications.

“The most recent was last weekend when on Thursday evening a small group of travellers dug out the wooden bollards to park their caravans up against the small hedging above the main car park. They released not just their dogs, but their seven geese.

“After verbal abuse and an attack by their dogs on a local resident the police were called and a notice of removal was issued and by Saturday they had left the site after visits from both the police and bailiffs.

“Because of this we have decided to reintroduce the two-metre high barriers to both car park entrances as a deterrent to stop any overnight parking. In addition we will introduce concrete blocks at certain key points to stop vehicle access.

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