Rising bollards deployed in Rochdale town centre

Rising bollards have been installed across Rochdale town centre and are set to become operational in the near future as part of a new paving scheme, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

The bollards are located on Yorkshire Street (outside Barclays Bank) for entry, Baillie Street to the rear of the Regal Moon for exit, and Yorkshire Street at the junction with Cheetham Street for exit.

The entry bollards outside Barclays Bank will remain in the ‘up’ position at all times between 10am and 6pm to prevent motorists from driving along Yorkshire Street and Baillie Street. These bollards will automatically lower to allow access at 6pm, and will automatically rise again at 10am the next day.

Should a vehicle approach the entry system between 10am and 6pm, the bollards will remain in the ‘up’ position and will not automatically lower. Access will only be granted for emergency services and vehicles with a valid permit to work in the area.

Motorists should not under any circumstances attempt to tailgate through the bollard as it will raise and damage their vehicles.

All bollards will be monitored via CCTV surveillance and no unauthorised access will be allowed.

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