Automatic Gate Opening System Market set for Robust Expansion until 2026

The automatic gate opening systems market is likely to record a very strong level of growth until 2026 as a direct result of the increasing need for automation in the industrial and residential sectors, a recent report from Persistent Market Research has been able to suggest.

Automatic gate opening systems can be defined as gate integrated with electronic components such as proximity sensors, actuators and controlling software primarily to reduce human effort in opening and closing of gates. These systems are primarily used in traffic areas where opening and closing frequency of gate is high such as shopping malls, theaters, industrial warehouses and electronic toll collection systems.

The industrial and commercial sectors are likely to see the highest growth levels. Also road infrastructure development resulting in increased road transportation with the improvement in connectivity between cities and towns is also driving the growth of global automatic gate opening systems market.

High installation cost combined with high operating maintenance cost resulting in long payback period are the main factors likely to negatively affect the growth of the global automatic gate opening systems market.

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