Static traffic bollards can improved children’s safety around schools

Static traffic bollards could improve children’s safety on the roads outside Cuffley School in Welwyn Garden City, a local news source can suggest.

Traffic builds on the roads outside Cuffley School as people park in front of driveways which are normally used as passing places during drop-off and pick-up times causing friction between parents and residents.

Several locals said “slanging matches” often erupt in Theobald’s Road and South Drive as parents jostle for position along the stretch – a problem some say is only worsening.

Northaw and Cuffley Parish Council clerk Jason Grocock said that it has been trying to solve the problem alongside other authorities.

Possible solutions being considered include an enforceable one-way system, installing bollards and encouraging parents to park in nearby King George’s Playing Fields.
He said: “We have had incidents of parking on dropped kerbs so they [residents and parents] do get quite irate and tempers get rather frayed, bordering on slanging matches.

“It has been going on for some time and we are trying to find a solution.”

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