Making cities safer with traffic restriction solutions

Urban and pedestrian security are major topics nowadays, considering the numerous terror attacks involving moving vehicles that have occurred over the past few years, as well as the fact that the population in urban areas worldwide is growing rapidly – in two decades it is expected that a staggering 75% of our world population will be living in a city, according to an IFSEC report.

The tragic incidents in Barcelona, Berlin, Charlottesville, Paris, London, Jerusalem and Stockholm in the past few years have proven that cars are considered a high security threat in crowded areas. It is evident that crowds of people in cities need better protection than is offered in most cities today.

Vehicle entrances to these city centres are controlled with technology. Bollards are physical barriers that effectively prevent any unauthorised vehicle from entering, and can help protect pedestrians against vehicle-based attacks.

Carpark Barriers Gates & Turnstiles – suppliers of solid and secure security bollards and barriers

The Static Bollards supplied by Carpark Barriers Gates & Turnstiles are equally suitable for both ground or surface mount, are highly flexible in most situations and are available in both cast iron and wood versions, which means that customer will be able to choose either strength or cosmetic appearance, depending on the specific circumstances within which the bollard is set to be mounted.

From simple light weight timber bollards for demarcation purposes, separating pedestrians from traffic or for protecting vulnerable points like corners of buildings that could be accidentally hit by vehicles, static bollards are highly versatile and provide a genuine deterrent.

The reliable and affordable Static Bollards from Carpark Barriers Gates & Turnstiles are available in any RAL colour as a special order at low prices, and if you’d like to find out more about them (or have any other query on this topic), then our dedicated product team can answer any question you might have.