Local authority installs barrier to prevent illegal camps in Huthwaite car park

A local authority has installed barriers in order to prevent travellers from setting up illegal camps within a Huthwaite car park, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

The move comes after a local councillor decided to take matters into his own hands and hired a digger to build a barricade to stop travellers illegally setting up camp at the Strawberry Bank car park in Huthwaite.

Councillor Tom Hollis, county councillor for Sutton West which includes Huthwaite, has welcomed the new barrier.

He said the barrier will make it impossible for travellers to access the site.
He said: “I know that residents have had to put up with chaos and Ashfield District Council has had to pick up a clean up tab running into thousands of pounds.

“What we needed to do is find a sustainable, permanent solution to stop travellers whilst ensuring that allotment holders had access. This two metre height restriction (barrier) is perfect and will ensure that that travellers will not return to the site.”

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