Access control turnstiles integrated with BMS systems will bolster your building’s security

Access control turnstiles are excellent traffic-restriction solutions, and their sleek, elegant and modern looks makes them perfectly suitable for a variety of environments, office buildings. Moreover, they can be easily integrated within a Building Management System (BMS), in order to ensure a better functionality and streamline management.

In addition to internal systems, building management systems are also linked with access control such as access doors controlling and turnstiles that allow access and outlet to the building, and other security systems such as motion detectors and CCTV networks. Elevators and fire alarm systems are often linked with a building management system for monitoring purposes.

Tripod turnstiles are a quick and reliable method to provide traffic control or ensure the security of certain areas of a building where manned supervision is in place. They are activated by an access control system such as a card reader, biometric device, or external control panel.

The access control system can be integrated directly into the turnstile or in a separate pedestal, reception, or security desk. Once the user has been authorized to pass, the tripod mechanism will unlock allowing the user to push through.

Car Park Barriers & Turnstiles – experts in deploying secure and reliable access control turnstiles

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