Full height turnstiles used for access control help prevent tailgating

In the access control segment of the security industry, tailgating is when an unauthorised person follows an authorised personnel through a controlled entrance.

It is widely believed that tailgating can have highly adverse effects on site security, with most experts believing that the cost of a breach due to tailgating can be anywhere between $150,000 and “too high to measure.”

Most companies still feel vulnerable to the threat of a breach from tailgating, which means that there are real opportunities for security integrators in installing turnstiles at entrances and other key areas of the protected premises.

Tailgating can be prevented by implementing pedestrian barrier designs at any control point, starting from the exterior perimeter. Full-height turnstiles with handicap access gate designs are typically located at perimeter points along a fence line. The most common exterior designs employ a full-height turnstile transitioning from a parking lot or public access point at the street level into the private secured area. This product/design provides limited tailgating prevention, and has no integrated alarms or automated detection capabilities. They are often paired with surveillance cameras for this reason.

The next layer would be the access points at the envelope of the buildings. Security revolving doors are the most common specified products because they have unique design and functionality attributes. Security revolving doors provide the highest level of unmanned automated tailgating detection and prevention. In fact, some new security revolving doors and mantrap products can accurately report metrics for alarms, false rejections, and most importantly, accurately assess false acceptance probabilities.

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