New barriers set to protect Coventry’s War Memorial Park against travellers setting up camp

product-autobarriers New barriers set to protect Coventry’s War Memorial Park against travellers setting up campNew barriers will be built at Coventry’s War Memorial Park as part of a scheme to stop travellers setting up camp on the main car park, a news report in the local media has been able to reveal.

The decision to take action in order to prevent further incursions came after the latest struggle to move a group of caravans from the popular park. Around 20 caravans arrived over the Easter weekend and remained for around a week, before being issued with an eviction notice from the courts and moving on.

And now council bosses have revealed plans to put up a new barrier and bollards just inside the entrance to the park in Kenilworth Road to try and stop such events from happening again.

Coun Allan Andrews, who represents Earlsdon ward, said: “There will be a new barrier, which will be the same as the one at the Coat of Arms Bridge Road entrance to the park, and will be consistent with the appearance of the park.

“New parking spaces will also be created which also act as a way of blocking any other access, along with new bollards.

“Outside of the barrier there will be new parking spaces for camper vans. We’ve been contacted by a number of people who do try to go up to the park with camper vans and have said they can feel discriminated against.

“The turning circle will remain the same, as will the park-and-ride, and the new work should be done in the next few weeks.

“It’s good for us to protect the park and stop it from being treated with a lack of respect which has happened during the most recent encampments there.”

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