Bollards installed to protect Leicester cyclists

product-bollardposts Bollards installed to protect Leicester cyclistsBollards have been installed to stop cars crossing a Leicester bike lane after two cyclists were hospitalised following collisions, a new report in the local media has been able to suggest.

Multiple cyclists were being put at risk by drivers pulling across the two-way bike track on Newarke Street from Marble Street in the city centre, cycle campaigners warned.

After concerns were raised the city’s mayor, Peter Soulsby, who has overseen a series of cycle lanes installed in the centre of Leicester, had the junction blocked to motor traffic.

Leicester Cycling Campaign spokesman, Eric Ludlow, told the Mercury: “The changes made to this junction remove a real threat to both pedestrians and cyclists.

"From the moment the cycle track opened, it became obvious that people’s lives were at risk from drivers exiting on to Newarke Street across the footpath and cycle track.

"We know of at least two cyclists who were hospitalised after being hit in this way, and we have received countless reports of near-misses.

"The junction was a death trap and we have been lobbying the city council to get it changed.

"We are delighted to see that action has now been taken."

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