Pwllheli residents call for enhanced safety on on ‘dangerous’ roads

product-bollardposts Pwllheli residents call for enhanced safety on on 'dangerous' roadsResidents in the North-West town of Pwllheli are calling for the local authorities to implement enhanced safety measures for protecting pedestrians on three ‘dangerous’ roads, a news report in the local media has recently revealed.

During a recent town council meeting, residents raised the issue of pedestrian safety on three of the town’s narrowest streets. Concerns grew in 2011 when a lorry reversed into the side of a pub. A wagon, belonging to the Original Factory Shop, struck two bollards at the porch of the Penlan Fawr pub which caused serious damage.

More recently, a lorry became stuck when trying to turn down the high street from one of the narrower side-streets.

Cllr Evan John Hughes said he has been extremely concerned over the roads in the town for a number of years and believes a new one-way system should be in place on Stryd Moch.

He said: “I believe Stryd Moch is extremely dangerous, it gets extremely busy in the summer with traffic coming up and down it four ways.”

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