Plans put forward for large scale business park in Canvey

product-fencing Plans put forward for large scale business park in CanveyA new large-size business park could be built on Canvey fields in South Essex if plans put forward by developers are given the green light.

An application was sent to Castle Point Council for the development of a new industrial estate on 20.6 acres of land south of Charfleets Industrial Estate, a news report in the local media can reveal.

The land, the size of 12 football pitches, would see new warehouses, factories and a car showroom and cafes, if councillors approve the application.

The proposed development, on two parcels of land north and south of Roscommon Way, would be about 26,200 sq m of new units in total. This includes a 1,300 sq m car showroom, 800 sq m for cafes, 6,800 sqm for business use, 9,300 sqm for general industrial use, and 8,000 sq m for distribution.

The plans would also involve new access roads, footpaths, drains, lighting, security fencing and landscaping.

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