Anti-terrorist roadblocks outside National Assembly in Cardiff to be replaced by bollards

product-bollardposts Anti-terrorist roadblocks outside National Assembly in Cardiff to be replaced by bollardsA number of security anti-terrorist roadblocks installed outside the Senedd (the National Assembly) in Cardiff are set to be dug out and will be replaced by rising bollards, in an attempt to make the area more easily accessible, while still maintaining a high level of security.

The high security, anti-suicide bomber roadblocks were built alongside the Assembly’s Crickhowell House in 2005, months after the 7/7 tube and bus attacks in London. The heavy-duty metal barriers cost £280,000 to install and could be automatically raised to block the roadway in an emergency, a local news source has revealed.

However, the Welsh Government is no longer responsible for the security measures in the area, this role being taken over by the all-party Assembly Commission. Explaining the demolition of the tank traps and their replacement by bollards, an Assembly spokesman said: “As Wales’ principal democratic institution, the security of the Assembly’s estate is an important matter for the Commission which is responsible for the security of all those who work at or visit the Assembly.

“We keep our security measures under review to ensure that they reflect the prevailing UK security threat level and the specific business and geographical considerations that apply to the Assembly.

“We must strike an appropriate balance between maintaining an open, attractive and accessible estate with the need to have in place appropriate preventative security measures.”

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