Fit your automated gate with proper safety devices for superior peace of mind

product-gate Fit your automated gate with proper safety devices for superior peace of mindDespite providing a superior level of security for one’s household, the truth of the matter is that automatic gates can be deadly especially if they are not installed correctly, or if safety devices are not installed as part of the system.

There have been numerous cases of people (especially children) being caught by a closing automated gates, often with tragic consequences.

For this reason, when installing an automated gate, a few very important factors should be taken into consideration, this very interesting article on this topic suggests.

First and foremost, nowhere in the gate system should there be a place where a person could get a part of their body caught between a moving object and a stationary object, such as the gate post and the gate, without safety devices to keep them from getting crushed.

A properly designed gate will minimize the number of areas in the gate in which a person could be injured. Safety devices can also help protect against injury in areas where the risk cannot be eliminated, such as between the closing end of the gate and the post it stops against.

Photo-eyes help make sure the gate doesn’t close or open if there is someone or something in the path of the gate.

Reversing edges help make sure the gate stops or reverses (depending on the settings programmed in the gate opener) if the gate does happen to make contact with a person or an object.

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