Ufton Nervet level crossing sees yet another near miss

product-autobarriers Ufton Nervet level crossing sees yet another near missYet another near-miss occurred at the ill-fated level crossing at Ufton Nervet, in Berkshire, where seven people died back in 2004 when a high-speed train crashed into a car that had deliberately stopped on the unmanned half-barrier level-crossing.

According to a news report in the local media, a resident witnessed the event at around 9.12pm on November 28, when he noticed train lights approaching quickly from the east.

He said, as he approached the crossing; “The warning lights started to flash but the barriers didn’t drop.

“All of a sudden the train shot through at about 70mph and only then did the barriers drop down. The barriers stayed down for nearly four minutes so obviously the timing was wrong.”

Ever since the tragic incident from 2004, there have been three deaths at the crossing, while a report by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch last year detailed how a motorist had started across the crossing when a train flashed by at 61mph – despite the barriers being raised and no warning lights being activated on September 4 2012.

Network Rail announced last year that it would be replacing the crossing with a bridge – despite a petition from district councillor Geoff Mayes (Lib Dem, Mortimer) calling for full barriers and CCTV systems on the site.

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