Shanghai metro imposes tough new travel regulations

product-glass-turn Shanghai metro imposes tough new travel regulationsState authorities have just approved a tougher set of regulations for the Shanghai metro, which is likely to significantly reduce fare evaders, a news report has revealed.

As part of these new regulations, tougher punishment will be meted out to fare evaders such as those using senior citizen transport cards or fake certificates. The names of fare evaders will be entered into a credit blacklist that can affect chances of getting loans or jobs.

Evaders who jump over or slip under ticket turnstiles will be fined five times the highest single trip ticket price, which is 9 yuan. Those using senior citizen cards or fake certificates to travel will be fined 10 times the highest ticket price.

The documents will be confiscated and those caught with fake certificates, such as those for soldiers or the disabled, will be turned over to police. Over 100,000 fare evaders were caught last year and a total of 500,000 yuan recovered from them.

There’s also a silver lining for passengers, though, meaning that they will be eligible for a fare refund if a Metro train is delayed for more than 15 minutes due to malfunction.

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