Start-up working on ring to replace RFID access cards and passes

product-glass-turn Start-up working on ring to replace RFID access cards and passes A start-up created by two American undergraduates studying engineering and design have come up with a rather interesting approach to the idea of access restriction and control, developing a control system dubbed the Sesame Ring.

Although it’s designed primarily to work as a replacement for the RFID-enabled cards used for access by most mass transit systems around the world, the truth of the matter is that such a product (or various variations of it) could be successfully used for replacing the old , making access a lot faster for their wearers.

At this time, the group is currently running a Kickstarter campaign designed to help them fund the mass production their RFID – enabled jewellery item. As a part of this campaign, they promise to provide a standard ring to all people making $17 pledges, while customized versions will start at around $30.

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