Two thirds of automated gates installed in the UK could pose serious safety risks, DHF warns

product-gate Two thirds of automated gates installed in the UK could pose serious safety risks, DHF warnsA recent statement by the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) revealed the concerning fact that more than two thirds of all automated gates installed in the UK do not comply with latest legislation and could pose a serious safety risk. 

According to a report on the matter, the findings were made by the Powered Gate Group of the DHF whose members have been inspecting automatic gates installed at domestic, commercial and industrial locations.
The range of problems uncovered by the DHF members included the lack of safety devices or inadequate safety devices designed to automatically halt gate movement if a pedestrian is detected, under-specified motors and other items of equipment that could impair the performance of the gate, as well, in some cases, the lack of essential legal and safety paperwork.
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