Bollards and automatic gate considered as possible solution for access to Oxford cemetery

product-gate Bollards and automatic gate considered as possible solution for access to Oxford cemeteryAn automatic gate and bollards are considered to be the solutions of choice for securing access to Witney’s Tower Hill Cemetery and in the same time granting free passage to visitors, without the need for a previous appointment, a news report in the local media reveals.

Due to various incidents involving cars being driven across graves and disturbing funerals, the Witney Town Council decided to officially close the gates and create an appointment-based system for visiting the graveyard.
However, disabled and elderly residents who have relatives buried at the cemetery find it difficult to walk to graves and complained about the closure, saying that a system of making appointments for council staff to open the gates was inflexible and made them feel they needed to rush visits.
For this reason, the council decided to install both an electric, remote-controlled gate, as well as retractable bollards within the cemetery, plus other additional security provisions, in order to prevent any other accidents.
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In addition, the gates are capable of operating with any installed access control or ticketing systems.
The Automatic Bollards developed by Car Park Barriers & Turnstiles limit vehicle access to a specific location, and can easily be lowered when passage is authorised, typically within 2-3 seconds.
Our bollards are constructed out of concrete, stainless steel, aluminium or cast iron and are sturdy enough to be able to completely stop the majority of vehicles. Furthermore, they’re also quite resilient to atmospheric elements, and are housed inside compartments set into the road surface.
Additionally, an access control device, such as a smart card, can be combined with the automatic bollards, enabling quick and easy raising and lowering of the post. The Car Park Barriers & Turnstiles automatic bollards also sport an anti-intrusion locking system, as well as a failsafe in both retracted and extended position.
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