Felix the former stray cat gets its own ticket barrier at Huddersfield train station

product-halfheight Felix the former stray cat gets its own ticket barrier at Huddersfield train stationFelix, a former stray cat adopted by staff at the Huddersfield train station, actually has it better than most human passengers, since it’s actually got its own VIP “ticket barrier” installed, in order to make it easier to travel back and forth inside the station.

As some of you might remember, back in late May, seven new gates have been installed inside the newly-revamped main entrance of the Huddersfield station, meaning that passengers now have to have tickets before getting on to the platforms. Furthermore, those getting off trains at Huddersfield will also need tickets to exit the station.

However, after the barriers were installed and went into operation, the feline found she could not get through the new high-security access control systems, designed to combat fare dodgers, a news report reveals.

Since Felix was distraught when the barriers came into use this month, train operator First TransPennine Express installed a special cat flap.

A company spokesman said: “After spotting Felix having kittens about alterations to her platform catwalk, we hope the bespoke cat flap which sits within the gate’s barriers will make her life easier.”

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