Retractable bollard could deter raids at remote petrol stations

A raid at a petrol station near Ely in Cambridgeshire failed after thieves could not break through the front door. A photograph of the damage to the door after the emergency services had cleaned up shows there was no security device blocking the immediate route to it. A simple retractable bollard would have been the perfect deterrent. The location is close to home for Tensor’s Cambridgeshire base at Hail Weston, therefore we would have had one installed in no time. The attack a fortnight ago took place at approximately 2am, as police were alerted to the station’s alarm.

A bollard in front of a remote location such as a petrol station on a highway can significantly deter raiders. Bollard systems can be fully customised to meet specific security issues. Among their many advantages is that the unit has customisable colour selection for blending in with its surroundings, for example adopting the colour scheme or branding of the petrol company. Also for ease of use for customers or staff on the forecourt when the bollard is ‘up’, safety of operation can be highlighted by a buzzer and/or an indicator light, according to position.

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