Huddersfield railway station gets new ticket barriers

product-halfheight Huddersfield railway station gets new ticket barriersThe Huddersfield railway station is set to bring into use ticket barriers in the near future, in order to reduce anti-social behaviour and speed-up access times for ticket paying passengers, a news report reveals.

No less that seven new gates will be installed inside the newly-revamped main entrance of the station, meaning passengers will have to have tickets before getting on to the platforms. Furthermore, those getting off trains at Huddersfield will also need tickets to exit the station.

Wider gates are planned to allow access for customers with additional needs, such as wheelchairs, prams, luggage trolleys and cycles.

“Ticket barriers restrict access to the platforms and that means a reduction in anti-social behaviour. There have also been complaints at Huddersfield station from passengers who have been held up by staff checking for tickets.” said transport expert Prof Paul Salveson.

Station staff will still have to be on duty at the barriers, though, since they will not be able to accept every form of ticket.

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