Secure your parking space with the Parking Posts from Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles

product-bollardposts Secure your parking space with the Parking Posts from Carpark Barriers & TurnstilesEnsuring the fact that your car parking space is secure at all times should be quite an important issue for just about every driver, especially if they wish to avoid any type of unnecessary conflict over said space.

And one of the simplest ways to make sure that your designated parking space will not be taken over by another motorist is represented by the parking posts developed by Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles, which are very popular in the reservation of car parking spaces and are also widely used where access to small areas is required to be restricted.

Featuring a strong, contoured design, the parking posts supplied by Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles are key operated from the top, which means that drivers should be able to unlock them in a very fast and easy manner. Furthermore, the fact that these parking posts are bolted securely into the ground ensures the fact that only the authorised users can actually unlock the parking post using the key provided, allowing it to be lowered in order to remove or park their vehicle.

Plus, each post is supplied with two separate keys and can easily be locked into a flat position as well.

The Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles parking posts are constructed from either cast iron or aluminium, parking posts combine peace of mind with excellent value for money, and work equally well whether in a home or corporate environment.

So, if you’re interested in securing your parking space in a very fast, simple and easy manner, just get in touch with our dedicated product team, they’ll be more than happy to provide you with every bit of information you might require.