High street parking problems can be easily solved with the help of well-placed bollards

product-bollardposts High street parking problems can be easily solved with the help of well-placed bollardsIllegally parked vehicles seem to have become quite a serious issue on the High Street in Haverhill, Suffolk, since the Town Council is currently seriously considering the installation of removable bollards in the area.

According to a local news report on the matter, the bollards would be placed on the areas of pavement that curve outwards which are often used by motorists as a parking place. The idea for this additional access restriction solutions apparently came up after planters were successfully used in order to prevent access to the respective area over the Christmas period.

Car Park Barriers & Turnstiles supplies an extensive range of static bollards, capable of providing a genuine deterrent, which makes them a very good solution for applications where a permanent pattern of control is required.

Our static bollards will seamlessly blend into architecture and surroundings and are suitable in either a ground or surface mount. They can be built from either cast iron or wood, you have the option of choosing strength over cosmetic appearance depending on the circumstances within which the static bollard is to be installed.

The static bollards provide by Car Park Barriers & Turnstiles represent very good solutions for separating pedestrians from traffic or for protecting vulnerable points like corners of buildings that could be accidentally hit by vehicles.

Additionally, Car Park Barriers & Turnstiles also provides a range of automatic bollards, that limit vehicle access to a specific location, and can easily be lowered when passage is authorised, typically within 2-3 seconds.

If you’d like to get more information regarding the static and automatic bollards manufactured by Car Park Barriers & Turnstiles, just contact our team, they’ll be more than happy to help you and provide a very competitive quote.