Redbridge Council installs bollards in order to keep residents safe

product-bollardposts Redbridge Council installs bollards in order to keep residents safeStatic traffic bollards are often the best solution for ensuring a higher level of safety for residents located in dangerous areas, where out of control vehicles can cause a lot of damage.

And this is also the case with a junction in Elm Terrace, High Elms, Woodford Green, on the border of Redbridge and Waltham Forest, an area prone to accidents. In fact, part of a house located right near the junction was demolished by a lorry trying to negotiate the tight turn and pedestrians were also constantly being endangered by vehicles mounting the pavement to round the bend.

Now, following numerous appeals by local residents, the Redbridge Council has decided to finally install bollards in the area, as a recent news report reveals.

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Our static bollards will seamlessly blend into architecture and surroundings and are suitable in either a ground or surface mount. They can be built from either cast iron or wood, you have the option of choosing strength over cosmetic appearance depending on the circumstances within which the static bollard is to be installed.

The static bollards provide by Car Park Barriers & Turnstiles represent very good solutions for separating pedestrians from traffic or for protecting vulnerable points like corners of buildings that could be accidentally hit by vehicles.

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