Glass turnstiles, the elegant access solution for high-status environments

product-glass-turn Glass turnstiles, the elegant access solution for high-status environmentsWhen envisioning the future look of any high-status building, whether we’re talking about a public venue or one meant for corporate use, designers should also seriously take into consideration the overall look of the access control solutions installed within their premises and the way they blend in.

And one of the most interesting solutions available at hand (both in terms of aesthetics and the level of security provided) is represented by the Glass Turnstiles developed by Car Park Barriers & Turnstiles.
Our turnstiles will fit seamlessly and elegantly into any high-status environment where appearance is equal to functionality, such as corporate headquarters, government buildings, etc.
Beside featuring an external design that’s quite “easy on the eyes”, the glass turnstiles from Car Park Barriers & Turnstiles also support the easy incorporation of an access control device.
Furthermore, these prestige access control solutions will also easily support high traffic volumes and severe operating conditions, will work equally well in interior and exterior installations, and, quite importantly, will require no routine maintenance. However, they are provided with a 2 year warranty, for the customer’s peace of mind.
If you’re interested in finding out more details on these advanced access solutions, our sales team is eagerly waiting for your call.