New Worle traffic bollards put motorists in a very tight spot

Traffic bollards certainly have their use in specific situations, especially when there’s a very clear and serious need to prevent access to a specific site.

However, properly installing such traffic control solutions can be a difficult task depending on the specific location, and that also seems to be the case with the new traffic bollards installed by North Somerset Council on a weakened bridge in Worle.

The bollards really put motorists in a difficult situation, since the distance between them, of just around 7 feet, is only a few inches larger than the width of most cars around the UK. Naturally, the reason for their installation is to deter lorry drivers from using the weakened bridge, but motorists driving cars as small as the Ford Fiesta will also find themselves in trouble.

One very interesting alternative solution to the type of jam mentioned above is the use of automatic bollards, such as the ones provided by Carpark Barriers, Gates & Turnstiles. They easily limit access to a specific location, but in the same time, can be easily lowered in order to allow unrestricted access to the respective site.

These tough bollards can be manufactured out of concrete, stainless steel, aluminium or cast iron and will certainly be able to easily stop the majority of vehicles, including heavier ones.