Palisade metal fencing has proven record in reducing vandalism

product-fencing Palisade metal fencing has proven record in reducing vandalismA major sporting event is looking at the lessons of London 2012 in preparing its security regime. Millions are expected to attend the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014. The additional physical security systems employed include X-ray machines, lighting, fencing, barriers and both walk-through and handheld metal detectors. There will also be ‘hostile vehicle mitigation’ devices. In plain English, this means bollards and other devices to stop attackers driving at vulnerable points.

Fencing, bollards, gates, posts and other devices to stop criminals and other trespassers driving at vulnerable points at a site: all these measures are available at Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles. Metal fencing which comes complete with fittings is the base point for a security regime. It can be installed by our trained technicians on your site. Increasingly seen by owner and insurance company alike as a high quality cost effective solution to obtain a secure perimeter, the palisade metal fencing has a proven record in reducing crime and vandalism.