Parking posts for where access to small areas needs to be restricted

parking-posts Parking posts for where access to small areas needs to be restrictedOperation Magnet is a police force’s crackdown on metal theft, and also coincided with a national day of action by law enforcers. A representative from Cambridgeshire police, Detective Inspector Sharon Dence, remarked on the clampdown: “Today’s operation demonstrates our commitment to stopping this type of crime and catching those responsible,” adding: “We hope the change in the law will also disrupt the stolen metal market by giving us a clear audit trail to those bringing commodities into recycling yards.”

Parking Posts are one of the exterior security measures available from Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles. Very popular in the reservation of car parking spaces, parking posts are widely used where access to small areas is required to be restricted. All supplied parking posts are key operated from the top and have strong contoured design. Bolted securely into the ground, only the authorised user can unlock the post using the key provided, allowing it to be lowered in order to remove or park your vehicle.