Palisade metal fencing a means to obtain a secure perimeter

product-fencing Palisade metal fencing a means to obtain a secure perimeterThe cost of crime at retail sites continues to soar to almost £1.5 billion per annum. Customer theft accounted for nearly two-thirds of the cost of crime for those concerns questioned in the Retail Crime Survey 2011.  The number of burglaries per 100 stores was down 42 per cent, but the cost per incident went up dramatically by 83%. Incidents of fraud also jumped with 78% of retailers consulted noting a rise. Fraud is now second only to customer theft.

Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles offer complete metal fencing solutions and other devices for warehousing, commercial and retail sites. Fencing offers the security of modern steel, coupled with the looks of traditional iron railings. The palisade metal fencing is increasingly seen by owner and insurance company alike as a high quality cost effective solution to obtain a secure perimeter. They include a seamless design with no visible joins and house vandal proof connectors. Fencing is available in a range of colours.